Device configuration example

Signed-off-by: artem.kondratiuk <>
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devices Validate
devices/rpi4-ostc-01.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/avenger96-stevanr-01.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/qemu-ostc-03.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/nitrogen-ostc-04.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/seco-b68-ostc-01.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/nitrogen-stevanr-01.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary valid."}
devices/seco-c61-2gb-ostc-01.jinja2: {"message":"Device dictionary invalid: while parsing a block mapping\n in \"<unicode string>\", line 94, column 5\ndid not find expected key\n in \"<unicode string>\", line 94, column 27"}
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