.ostc-ci: internally include jobs from meta-ohos

The meta-ohos repository contains definitions for supported MACHINE and
FLAVOUR variants but, up until now, the job definitions for building
them were defined in the manifest repository.

Fix this situation by using the recently-added build jobs from the
meta-ohos repository. This is an internal change and it does not affect
any existing pipelines.

Closes: #32
Signed-off-by: Zygmunt Krynicki <zygmunt.krynicki@huawei.com>
Change-Id: I5382ea457e273df56d7cc8f8f67e22026e5b2228
latest yaml invalid error detached

Found errors in your .gitlab-ci.yml:

  • Project `OSTC/OHOS/meta-ohos` file `.ostc-ci/machines-and-flavours.yaml` does not exist!
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